In building our school design, we are working to re-imagine what education looks like in light of learning.  We are drawing from powerful philosophies and teaching models, both old and new, and recombining them to create something fresh that returns to timeless truths.

Anastasis is an ancient way of saying resurrection, literally to stand up again.  We were created with many gifts, one of the most important and unique among creation is the ability to learn and reason.  Has learning been reduced to an "education" with homework, grades and high stakes testing?  If there was a place where your child could be mentored and experience an actual apprenticeship in learning, would you send them?  Would they stand up again with new life and a renewed desire to worship God with their mind and heart?

Explore our mission, vision and approach; if you find that it resonates with you, please contact us.  We need families who are ready for a new approach to this thing we call education.  It will not be easy, and it will require enormous amounts of resourcefulness, passion and commitment from all involved.  We strongly believe that education and children need this model.  If you want to be part of turning this vision into reality, then please join us. 

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