The framework at the left illustrates the educational approach of Anastasis Academy and the synthesis of:

Inquirers: The combination of students, teachers, mentors, family and friends in pursuit of a question.

The Cycle of Inquiry: The cycle that teachers use to facilitate learning; inquire, investigate, plan, customize instruction, collaborate, construct meaning, create, evaluate, reflect and revisit.

Academic Content Areas: Nine areas are explored to help learners achieve standards and developmental benchmarks; language arts, social studies, science, mathematics, physical awareness/health/play, spirituality, social/emotional learning, arts, and global citizenship.

Learning Habits/Disciplines: Distinct habits and disciplines are assumed by the students as they approach learning. These disciplines support and assist the learning process; appreciation, confidence, pride in work, willingness to make mistakes, courage, respect, perseverance, loyalty, integrity, independence, commitment, empathy, creativity, curiosity, and cooperation.

Technology: Technology permeates learning in this blended learning model.  Students use technology (iPads) to build: functional skills, effective communication, collaboration, ability to find and select information, critical thinking/evaluation, cultural/social understanding, eSafety, and creativity.

Customization: Learning will be customized and personalized for every student by taking into account; the student profile (interests, passions, developmental levels, learning styles, abilities, etc.), the school profile (resources available), the individualized learning plan (created by teachers, students and parents), standards/benchmarks/scope and sequence and curriculum.

Educational Framework